What is an Experienced Climber?

An experienced climber is someone who is aware of the potential hazards and risks involved in climbing, and is able to correctly use appropriate equipment to keep themselves and  the other climbers safe.

Experienced climbers can supervise up to 2 novices or juniors. Please note it usually takes several instructed (or supervised sessions) to become competent. If your previous climbing experience is from a clip and climb type activity, or you have only tried roped climbing once or twice before, it is unlikely that you will yet have the skills to be able to climb safely yourself or to supervise others. If you are in any doubt, please give us a call to discuss.

For roped climbing and bouldering: We will ask you to demonstrate correctly putting on a harness, tying in using a suitable knot (not clipping in) and to set up and belay using a appropriate belay device.

Not an experienced at roped climbing but want to have a go? Ask a friend to supervise you, or book an instructed session.

For bouldering only: Adults can watch our bouldering induction video and go bouldering without supervision. Children will need to be supervised by an experienced adult roped climber or by an experienced adult boulderer who has completed a ‘Bouldering Supervisor Questionnaire’. If you wish to supervise children in the bouldering area but are not an experienced climber yourself, you can book a bouldering induction session. Please call the centre to discuss.

Under 18’s: All under 18’s need to be supervised by a competent adult climber or be on instructed session.

Experienced junior climbers aged 14-17 years may undertake an assessment to become an unsupervised junior. Please call the centre to book your assessment. More info on under 18’s.