Registration is required for everyone who wishes to participate in climbing or supervising at the Centre.

We recommend that all customers complete the online registration prior to arrival on their own computer, tablet or phone. It is possible to complete the registration at the Centre on our dedicated iPads, but please be aware this can be time consuming. Be sure to allow at least 20 minutes before the start time of any booked instructed session for this.


Finished reading? Now select the Registration Form that applies to you:

Novice (18+) or Junior Registration

For any participant under instruction or approved supervision.
For Juniors this form should only be completed by the Parent or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian.
If you have been unable to get a parent/legal guardian to fill in the form online and you are bringing a child that you are NOT the legal guardian or parent of, you will be asked to fill out a paper ‘In loco parentis’ form at the Centre prior to the session.  You will be asked to confirm that you have the parent’s consent for the child to take part in climbing activities.

The participant is classed as a novice and must not climb without authorised supervision.


Bouldering Only 18+

For those who understand the risks of bouldering and how to minimise them.
Allows you to use the bouldering walls at LCCs facilities, but not auto belay or ropes. If you are new to bouldering please make sure you watch the Bouldering Induction Video before you complete the registration.


Bouldering and Auto-Belays 18+

For those who understand the risks of bouldering and auto belays and how to minimise them.
Allows you to use the bouldering walls and auto belays at LCCs facilities, but not rope lines.

Please make sure you have read and understand the Auto-Belay Rules and Guidelines


Full Registration 18+

For those who are able (without supervision) to:

  • put on a climbing harness properly,
  • attach a rope to the harness using a safe climbing knot,
  • use a belay device to ‘lower off’ and to secure a falling climber.

Full registration allows you to use all the climbing walls at LCCs facilities.
Adults with full registration may supervise 1 or 2 novices or juniors for roped climbing, bouldering and autobelay.


Your online registration will be held on the system for 60 days before expiring.  Please ensure you visit the Centre within this time so that we can validate your registration at the Reception Desk.