Opening FAQ’s

Will my previous registration/membership still work?

Unfortunately not. As a separate company no records, statuses, bookings or previous agreements made with GLL shall be carried over.


How will I be able to climb then?

 All customer wanting to climb at PrestonWall will need to register with the Lakeland Climbing Centre – North.

If you are currently registered at our KendalWall site then you will NOT need to register.


How do I register to climb?

Registration will be available online 2 weeks prior to opening or can be done online via our KendalWall website.


How much will it cost?

 We’re still working out the pricing and will announce things in time. There will be a range of pay-as-you-go options, bulk buy and memberships available.


I already climb at KendalWall, will I need to buy another membership?

 Our bulk buy and monthly or annual memberships will work across all three of our Northern sites: KendalWall, LancasterWall (opening early Autumn) and PrestonWall. So no need to spend more money to climb.


Will my entry fee or membership give me gym access?

Unfortunately not, we will be operating as a separate business to GLL in the West View Leisure Centre and our services will exclusive to the climbing areas. The wall will have basic training gear.


What changes are you making to the Wall?

We will be renovating sections of the existing walls, installing a new lead wall and opening a brand-new bouldering area next door to the main hall. With these will come new holds, ropes, quickdraws and hire equipment.


When will you be open?

 We are still in “project” mode and but are on track to open in August 2021.


Will you have separate changing rooms and toilets?

 We shall be sharing the changing and toilet facilities with GLL. There will also be a Café on entering the Leisure Centre for everyone to enjoy.


I want to get my child climbing, how do I sign them up?

 Register your interest for junior climbing at this link.


I have more questions how do I contact you?

 The quickest way to get answer would be to message us on our Facebook page or email us [email protected].